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Paws: Criticism breaks out



On paper, The FIG Looks like a funny fantasy movie that loses the lost camping, adolescents and their distinctions in the countryside. For the second feature film Vincent marries the shot A very interesting piece of the diagnostics, looking better.

Laura, 17, deeply hunt her camp with her cousin. First love, holiday romance, dinner in the country is much lower than those who do not really agree with "normal" youths. It is more about the lives of an underworld and those who attacked Hillary in previous summer.

He is more interested in Paul, a legendary speaker and well-known writer. In the necessity of Laura's explanation, she will have to face her.

Photo, Wild Alois, Lily Rose DepthLily Rose Depp, and Alloy Savage

If all components are initially collected for a non-classic story, Vincent's Marriott sets out our expectations so as not to recall the expected expectations already. We waited for a few trips to a camp in the Crystal Lake but lost in Dordogg, and he wants to talk about Daniel Clovce and Charles Burns, The world of the ghost And A black hole On the head of Gondola.

It's an atmosphere and mystery, adolescent's treatment and adolescent's age are just a moment. Many American freestyle movies in recent times.

Photo, cam on the camIn the cam

All groups are on the covers

Lily Rose Depp literally explodes on the screen in each of her scenes. Lunar, steam, turning, turning, obscure and uncomfortableThe contribution from the first picture is to make a very contrast to the soft controversy we have.

Unfortunately, on his site, unfortunately, the more experienced actors do not really get the chance to really excite their characters. Laurent Laught, a bad habit, a mysterious man or a camel flame, an expert, a powerful policeman, They were in a more clear room for credibility.

Photo and Laurent LaughterLaurent Laughter

Sorry, The movie works And he speaketh unto us. That's precisely, it's his great power, The FIG Not a slasher of a play, a dreadful film, It's not only a bit of simultaneity, it's nothing.

Fowl, It's above a question. A question about the importance of mythsAt their ceremony in our society, Vincent Marieti has a sense of deep, dark, and dark. Why do we have to dream Are we not satisfied with the practical day of carnatic? What should we do when it mocks us, and when it tries to overturn our tendencies?

Photo, Lily Rose DebtIt flew with its shadow

It looms up to the tenth

Not in the story, this is the lowest in the film, The FIG He will never be able to take his head. In the balance between different systems, He never determines his true identity. There is a problem with hijacking the form, which is shifting to a pile that does not appear to be complicated. In short, he is not going to the end of his intention.

Photo, Lily Rose DebtEven, square, in it thin

We have to tell you, the picture has a lot to show to us, but it does not dare to do that. This is the general public of blindness This passes through the most important scenes. (Because on the parchment, the most shocking), the poor little sketches.

Because it's a shame This project had everything for marking a French date. The interpretation of its main actress, its fast atmosphere, and the generality of the generals, makes it a preferred film material.


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