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Nasir al-Qelayyff & # 39; s scam & # 39; Prosecuted

According to reports from Agence France-Presse (AFP) confirmed daily Le Parisien, President Nasser Al Khelay, president of the Paris Football Club, has been accused of "active corruption".

The chargesheet was filed in the Doha application for 2017 and 2019 world athletics championships.

This judicial inquiry will be provided to the Rio Games 2016 Olympic Games and Tokyo-2020 match.

On March 20, Nasser Al-Kheliifi had already received a call from Judge Renau Van Rumbbeby.

On May 16, again brought to court, Beine did not showcase the boss of the sports boss, and did not show the final of the Qatar Football Football Final.

Nasser al-Kelayfi had said that he had links with the case.

In 2011, the Oxix Qatar sports owner owned by Al Qelafi paid $ 3.5 million for a company led by the pope Mazatah Diach.

These bank movements have informed French Magistrates of the financial center.

In this case, the third major offense after Lahain Dakak on March 27 & # 39; Next day, the head of the media group, Qatari Bin, Yusuf Al Obaidali continued. "Active scam".

Nasser Al-Qa'yafi advocate My Francis Savner responded to the accusation: "Nasser al-Kheleafi is not a shareholder of Orris or an officer in 2011. He does not interfere directly or indirectly to Dr. (…) these facts are not appropriate for him."


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