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Moussa Tin, former director of Cadak's car, went to Rebez Central Jail in connection with a case to visit a former mayor in Dyer. Daksha City. Moosa Tin, who gave the news of Khalifa Saal, told him that his candidate was not merely silent in the next presidential election. "My application is totally impossible!" The Khalifa Saal Moosa Tin said, "My country's law requires me to be a candidate in the presidential election of 2019. I am a candidate and I count for you." Tin says this. Caliph Sall is calmly waiting for trial in the Supreme Court. Khalifa Sall's candidate is difficult to reverse, and is a good reason. Moussa Tin, during the trial, Khalifa Saul raises the objection of the Constitution In this case, the Supreme Court has been suspended for the trial of the Constitutional Council. The trial is resumed after the Constitutional Council's decision. If the Supreme Court does not give him reason, he is still trying to make a three-month impediment. Only this time we can make the final decision for his final decision. I do not think how he can prevent his candidates through these procedures, "he argues.

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