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Mohammed Kachi was featured in the music du Merseyside

His exhibition was screened in the book "The African Period" by Mohammed Kushiami (1942-2003). A variety of aesthetic trends, including a new, much more personalized approach to his beauty, as well as free, uninterrupted, and unconventional performance, influenced by his work in Western art.

This exhibition reveals exemplary works and important documents (including 325 images, paintings, archives, manuscripts, documents, pictures, photographs, and videos). The new generation of artists from the Arab world could pave the way for their new cultural work. A cultural roots are poured into "an African transition".

Muhammad Kasimi was one of the Moroccan artists during the postwar period. An innovative artist, instigator and prominent witness of globalization of contemporary Arab art has influenced the evolution of his country's artistic distinction, and today is a model for Maghreb artists all over the world.

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