Wednesday , August 17 2022

Messi wants to find Neymar too!


Neymar dropped a small bomb after last Wednesday’s game against Manchester United. ” I want to play with Messi again. This is what I want most. I will allow him to play for me, no problem. I want to play with him again, of course. We should do it next year “It simply came to our notice then.

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When his contract with FC Barcelona expires next June, Paris Saint-Germain have a bigger advantage than Pulga, although we have been talking about a transfer to Manchester City for some time now. This Saturday evening, after Paris S‌g’s (3-1) victory over the Herald side against Montpellier, Leonardo answered the question.

« Desire is mutual »

« He was questioned by an Argentine journalist. We must maintain respect. We are not happy when we touch our players, so we do not touch other players. We have a lot of respect for Messi and Barcelona, ​​now is not the time to talk about it », Announced the Brazilian leader of the PSG in a bid to calm things down.

But not so. In Parisian This Sunday, we see an interview with the man who brought the Argentine talent to Barcelona, ​​Joseph Mingulla. ” They all won together and had an explosion on the pitch. Leo wants to play with Neymar again. Desire is mutual. They know they have more chances to win titles together on the pitch. But now there is no concrete “, He wakes up first.

« Yes, this is a possibility (a transfer to Paris makes him interested, mind you). Neymar, Di Maria, there are a lot of Spanish speaking players. But I don’t think he thought about it today. His priority is to stay in Barcelona with a sports project that will bring world football back to the club. He went on to say that the only chance for Neymar to return to Barcelona was to be free. New statements that make PSG fans more excited and annoy Barcelona …

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