Wednesday , March 22 2023

Malayian singer Salif Kata


Abidjan – the famous Albino Malin singer Salif Ketta presented the song to Saturday Fanah Music concert. Was kidnapped in May a few months before the presidential election and was executed.

A few minutes from the Bamako capital, the town singer selected the new album.

A few months after her granddaughter Ramata Dia's mother was murdered, she was shocked.

That night it was hot. We sleep in a shed. A man came up from 2 am to 3 am. Without ignoring me. I'm jumping the wall. But he was not able to catch him. I fell at my feet. Jindars and neighbors were used. Raman's body was found on the night of the night. But I do not know who the body is.

African albeans are often victims of superstition because of their illness. In some countries, their body parts are researching for their traits describing mystical as a mystery.


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