Thursday , June 8 2023

"Madick Nyang does not pay any responsibility to Vad … People do not want to approach or deal with them … word told me & # 39;


Madick Wade asks to return to the Daily Duty

(He cuts off) I did not owe a liabilities to Madik Nayang's President Abdullayad. His password was reinstated as the President of the Parliamentary Group, the only command he had removed from his office. Madik is a member of the National Assembly of Nying. This nation was renewed by giving the number of sponsors needed to secure his candidacy in the next presidential election. Then, Madik should be reminded that Niang is a member of the Senegal Democratic Party and they are opponents at the party level they want to avoid. So this attitude has no one. Now we can not keep the fridge from all things.

Why? Do you feel like a loser?

Wade said that he was wrong in the Madiei Nying case. That was right when he started the war. In other words, the relationship with him is again busy. Now, there are people who want to keep this predicament. Many political leaders agree with this situation. These statements you hear are not from Ved, but we can not be more harmful to some of his relatives.

Who are you referring to?

All who hear my voice speak against you. They are there. They never helped, and they will not help his family. Mading Niang's nominee is a goal of protecting the legacy of the stage and Senegal aims at putting chains into development, social equality and social justice. Now word lovers wanted him well, did not they tell us what interest in making Madame's peace and supporting him? No one is doing it to my knowledge. If we loved and supported the word and the Madeecco in the taubah, they showed and proved that they had connected Sergey with Tauba and his ideology. Know that they do not forget the serene relationship between Sergein Sallyu Mbebe who tries to calm the grievances between them. Holy Father wanted his two disciples to come together to help each other. Madi did everything that he could do in this way.

What do you want to write

Let him be clear. He knows that his rival McKay is not Niqing. He will bring this country to his hands, imprison his son, and stop him from contesting as a candidate in the next presidential election. He wants to separate the seeds from the chocolate. Seeking Senegalese vote, Madick wants to go back to Sénegalis rather than the Senegalese and Sevagels, which include the word.

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