Thursday , June 8 2023

Khalifa and Karim are taken by the Evoos Court •


Like the former presidential Khalifa Saal Karim Wade for the presidential election, the constituent council president has rejected the candidature of the president. He appealed to ECOWAS's court in the immediate probe into the Senegal state.

As part of an election campaign, Khalifa Abbasal Saal has not conducted a judicial marathon. On January 20th, the appeal filed against the abolition of his candidate by the former Deputy Mayor of Senegalis Constitutional Council and his mayor. Therefore, the February 24 presidential election or the Karim wed.

Still, disorder in the fall in March 2017 does not recognize failure. In January 16, the lawyers submitted a number of advocate courts against Senegal in the Court of Economic Section of the West African States (ECOWAS) Abaza. His conviction in jail for 5 years is a right to a candidate who has proven that his eyes are not yet final, and it can be prevented from competing.

Karim's Word was first in jurisdiction to determine whether registration should be valid on election lists approved in the month of November. The case has not yet been verified.

Accelerated procedure

Califour Sal lawyers made interim measures. Prior to the official launch of the campaign on February 3, steps were taken to rule the Constituent Court.

Jyun to discuss their memoirs, went to Africa, Senegal's Constitutional Council sireyum driver for my Ciro kledear Lee mentions that several granthannaleyellam imposed themselves on their opinion of the President Khalifa Soul: citizen and human rights in the International Covenant of Civil-Political, Human and Peoples emilirriyu Universal Declaration of human rights, such as the African Charter, Senegal Constitution.

Many of the principles guaranteed in these applications are not respected: the reconciliation of laws; Proportion and personification of sentences; The right to vote and elect to participate in the conduct of public matters of his country.

Is Election Reality?

With the revision of the election laws by revising the election for a few months, the authority of Senegal tried to expel two rivals to register the voters, no more: Abhijit Khalifa Saal, Karim Word.

They add that the Caliph Sall will allow her status (so nominally) from voters and not to the constitutional council to deny this right. Finally, they remember that even though the Supreme Court's appeal rejected on January 3, "stop flap" is still a suspension appeal. On the other hand, the appeal to the mayor of Dakar is to be sentenced to 5 years and the appeal is not final.


If the ECOWAS judge's decisions are liable for state parties, the application of the second application will not be received. Senegal's sovereignty has repeated its repeated sovereignty in the cases of Karim Ved and Khalifa. A decision from Abuja seems to be unlikely to change the presidential election cards.


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