Friday , June 9 2023

Kevin-Prince Botanic, footwork of Henrik Larson


FC As Barcelona's leading striker, it is not easy. That's what cites the most recent examples, like Paco Alcacer and Munir El Haddad, a good player passing through the Catalan club. The competition is tough, and one of Luis Suarez's legitimate courage makes the team's game style succeed successfully. For example, you can get together with small players who have Lionel Messi and Jordi Alba or learn how to reach out to play regularly in the game. A chance. In winter this year, it is estimated that Keman Prince Boeteng will buy an option to buy an ESP from Essaouloso for an attacker who will be responsible for the team's captaincy. Euro.

It is related to paper, as far as Spain's championship chief inquiry is concerned, at the lowest cost. But why are we going to ask Kevin-Prince Botaning in Barcelona? First, his suffering. Of course, he will replace Luis Suarez, who has started almost all of the meetings and often completes it. Not only are the major matches in the championship, which is set in the Champions League before the Champions League, but it is possible that players like Philip Coutin will be in the forefront. So he should avoid Uruguayan Golboy and emotional expression when playing the game.

He has already played in terms like Barça

Of course, there are questions about the relationship between the bar. For already, for beginners, this is not a natural, modern attacker. During his stay in the midfield, which he developed in midfield in midfield in 2016, the Quake Sétin, coach of the Canary Islands, a fraudulent 9. diplomat, Johan Cruyff, was able to move on to the surface of the Ghaniian opponent, often coming from the second, his best quality strike and cold. In addition to the partnership with other players like Jonathan Vyra, Rock Mza and Tana, the relationship with Barcelona's robot portrait is huge. He scored 10 goals in the season. This experience is very irresponsible on the side of Soushua. He is also the character of the character Roberto de Sabby in Roberto D. Surbe. Kevin-Prince boating has not reached a strange ground. He knew the club as a similar football player like Barça.

In Barcelona, ​​we essentially compare Henric Larson. From 2004 to 2006, the Swedish striker has only two seasons in Barcelona. At a team that finished finishing positions for Samuel Eto'o, the man who eventually settled for the striker was finally the Swedish player. The winner of the 2005 season, which scored 34 goals in the first season, scored 14 best performances. Of the 28 league goals, 14 goals were scored. He played a decisive role in Aznar in the 2006 Champions League Final. Two signatories and signatories have been signed. And in his dreams like Kevin-Prince Boutique himself!

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