Thursday , August 11 2022

Karl Lagefield, a fashion designer, is dead


Carl Lagefield died on February 8, 8, 8 February. The health department has been feeling sad for a few weeks now because there is no presence in Chansal last January.

  • Karl Lagefeld, aged 85, passed away. Fashion designer, Channel's art has been subject to pancreasant cancer since 1983, says the public.
  • Kali Lagaeffefel was rushed to hospital in the emergency room on Tuesday morning. Karl Lagertfeld was rushed to the American Hospital on Neweller Server on Monday night. He died on Tuesday morning. Purepeople website.
  • Karl Lagelfeld got worried for a few weeks. The first one proposed by the brand in France is Parisian fashion week, an extraordinarily awesome fashion designer. Charles was justified by "fatigue", without further damage to this absence.

Karl Lagerfield: Where did the worries come from?

On Tuesday, Carl Lagefeld had a corpse. Especially during the January end, when it was shown as the last chancellor of Paris. Lee Fyakorro confirmed that since the fashion designer brought the artistic direction of the brand of 1983, it did not lose the slightest parade of this brand. He was even able to publish a statement due to the fatigue of Carl Lagerfeld.

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