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In the EITI financial year 2017 report reports


The report will be published by the National Committee for Extracts of Industry (CEO) of the Seawee Gal (CNET). November 19, 2018, King Fahd Palace, Mahmud Boun Abdallah Dion, Prime Minister's residence.

Will CN-ETIE offer a promise through this meeting? A framework for discussions of key issues in the mining, oil and gas sector in Senegal and key issues. It will share the key results of the 2017 EITI Report to promote appropriate minimums for improving governance of mining, oil and gas sectors. Gal.

Besides, the committee? National AITI Signature of the Ministry of Justice, Good governance and child protection contribution. These two conventions are to establish systems that generate a public register of real owners of companies that produce the same and implement the project's capitalization. Good training method promoting good governance in a wide area.

This is a detailed reference document on the administrative structure of the Department of Extracts in Senegal. This is done through a systematic process and is tested through strict control and control. Current Governance. He will give you a The general structure of the exact information, one? Especially the management of the extraternal sector, the licenses and permits, the measurement and quantity of production, the regulatory and institutional funding regulations of the Extraterrestrial Sector and the mining activities.

100% participation and certification rate

Committee? Interested in National AITI? 207 Companies registered in Mining Cadastral in 2017 EITI Report 2015 or 8 Companies listed in Petroleum Register, 9 Public Sector Undertakings and 1 Venture Institutions Scheme.

All companies selected for EITI statements have been forwarded to: The development of this report. Have heard all of these statements? An external auditor's certificate. Public institutions completed the completion of completed documents. Auditors accepted the court.

As a reminder, who is gay? Published? Two reports from 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 years. Committee? The National EII welcomes a substantial organizational committee comprising state services and extraterrestrial companies acquired without reservation. Ensure transparency in the management of mineral, petroleum and natural gas resources.

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