Thursday , June 8 2023

I have re-chosen the Idea Sec. (Baba cc)


The day after the publication of the constitutional council of the final list of candidates in the presidential election of February 24, 2019, many stupid dreams come true for our camp. A kiss was definitely sure, but I realized the idea that I could lead to the first wrong ultimate success ".

In any case, this incident will not change our commitment and our determination in any way, but it comforts us and comforts us because "the barriers are the signs of victory."

Over the years, the political environment in Senegal has been an absence of unprecedented political debates, which have led to the political admiration of the people who have been negligent and weak. The genuine concerns of Senegal are exploding. Political commitment is never motivated for making scores.

Senegal, our country, is a codard, the next president of the Republic, not the most beautiful and the best, or the best program (theory), the next one should be "a good attitude".

This attitude, in my opinion, is the result of real, experimental and dynamic travel of the nations, the highest level of responsibility and the hardest experience as an adversary.

This translates the expertise of all important economic and political subjects. Senegal does not require a "coach" head. He has a leader who can now rule.

Security, education, unemployment, economy, etc. We need to remind ourselves of the challenges we face. The next president should be ready to face it soon.

With Africans and world youth, senegal youth have similar expectations, some like pressure on others, and do not have the patience to extend them.

Messiah does not exist in politics. There will not be a "previous Nihilo" of a magic wand that goes with life-saving ideas. And no one will believe it.

Leadership, experience, political will, and courage must be the driver of this change. We have to hide the path and follow the people.

Do not look anywhere else for our problems, it is responsible for marrullavaralla, we would like to take us by choosing our destiny, leaders, leading to defend our interests, control, because a country can not expect progress in the cooperation of the open willingly, but we have to act Be sure to turn the partnership.

Instead of choosing president of a republic, a president who is outside the Senegalese gets the award for recognition. The upcoming expiry is once a chance to choose, choose, and all the world, the profile of the real problems.

For these reasons, I decided to vote again, for Indrasa Seks' candidacy.

All the candidates selected for the president who honor me, go to the direction of Senegalese joining the appropriate point of view and handling matters of the country, the urgency to clean up the political environment of Idrissa Securities.

There are prejudices, defamation, and defamation about the person. But it will motivate the motivators.

Senegal does not give him a chance to bring him more. His career provides a mood that is a distinctive character that differs from other candidates.

May God still save Senegal and do what is good for him!

Baba CIC

All imagination!

I stood still!

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