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Five other women are accused of sexually harassed Luc Besson

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The case is still on the allegations against Luke Besson.

Medi'ah And five other women who have been sexually assaulted by Luc Besson. While the director is already furious, the entire meteorological period continues to distort allegations and allegations:If these women refuse the facts of different gravity, their stories fit in many stories. At least with the young girls in Luck Bassen, or possibly working with them, The newspaper explains. The majority of women working closely with Look Bassone or working remotely. One of them claims to be the assistant director and manufacturer. There were three sex relationships that had no sex. A professional appointment in the hotel indicates a nightmare.

In July last year, Luke Besson had four women accused of sexual harassment. Complaints and allegations have not been suspended following the previous silence. Among those who talked about what they have recently learned, there are two students of the school's school taking the initiative of Luke Besson, Saint Saint Denis. An incident occurs during the shooting of a movie Valerian The director may have had some inappropriate gestures "Kneading kisses". Celebrations from 2012 In 2016, another girl and a student in Paul's school was similar. Besson is part of a school program "He's trampled on her" "Do you eat it?" He has "Hold hands with handbags".

Medi'ah Amanda's testimony stated "Hands off the neck, sometimes under the skirt, trying to get rid of a baby without having to touch the unwanted kisses." The coldest behind the scenes is the question of Luke Besson's reputation.

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