Monday , June 5 2023

Facebook will calmly examine the solar solar drone in Australia


The end of Aquila was just the start. When Facebook announced the solar system's solar system, he decided to implement the European Airspace Giant Airbus Zephyr. Today we go through the German site Facebook and Airbus are now preparing for the first tests in the Australian Bus. Airbus CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority), Regulatory Authority of Regulatory Authority, 188 times a drone between March and September-September.

These exams will be done more accurately in Windmah in the northwestern region of the country. Airliner flight 20 kilometers from the ground will be connected to the radio waves in millimeters. Payloads will be provided to Facebook. There will be a few destinations in November and December of 2019.

Long endurance drone

First, the Seafour suggested observation and monitoring of Airbus's British military. But his expertise includes areas or human or environmental. The drone is 25 meters thick and its batteries can be charged in the air through the solar panels. Airbus and Facebook are in Australia. Cyber ​​S is the flight record of last year's 26th day. Hence the long run is part of the drones.

With Aquila's 3.8 billion people, Facebook has no idea access to the Internet. Now he has used discretionary powers since he could not understand his interests with the seafiar. But imagine the program will run on an independent platform that allows free operators to form Facebook partnerships and provide free internet service. Naturally including Facebook. It faces a problem of neutrality. This explains the denial of India.

As part of this, Google is currently completing the first commercialization of the Loan Strategic Balloon Network in Kean. Technology is different, but it is a high-end platform for connecting the planet.

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