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Experien – The Daily – Salim Rehabi, Fatih Norin and Howard Sorandani Golden


Fate Nouriin won the final under 73 kgFate Nouriin won the final under 73 kg

There are also 151 JudoCas tournaments, including males and 53 women. They represent 29 countries.

Junior Salim Rabbi (60 kg) is the Algerian gold medal winner. In the final of the Dakar Open African semi-finals, the Philippine Trophy Crus was defeated in the final of the Dekker Open African tournament.
The pool is poured into "D". Algeria was dropped from the first two rounds.
He made his debut on the third and final round. Malian Dugara Teresa was included in the qualifying round of the semi-finals. Rebehi met Moroccan Mohammed Mohammed Jafi, the winner of the "C" group. He dropped before the Portuguese in the final. Fiden Noornen offered another gold medal to Algeria. Jacob had won the final in the final under 73 kg. Money against Abdelkar Mabok, who played with Sania in Senegal.
In the last match, Mojampikan presented another gold medal for Hud Surdhani Al Algeria, who surrendered in a 66 kg final against Kevin Lufth.
In this international tournament, 22 judocates, 12 males and 10 females represent Algeria.
(100 kg), Mustafa Yaseer Boomer (-100 kg), Abul Bani Yogi (60 kg), Ishak Manseri (-60 kg), Mohammed Sophian Belrerocro (+100 kg), Auraur Abdelkar (100g) ), Aberahmar Benamadi (-90 kg), Yusuf Mokkaar Sethat (-81kg), Abdelkard Mabruk (-73kg), Fedi Nurline (-73kg). In the women's competition Algeria Federation Sonia Aeselha (+78kg), Merua Mammeri (+78kg), Karima Kakaout (-70kg), Eoini Agauer (-63kg), Amina Belkadi (-63kg), Kensa Nait Ammar (-63 Kg), Yamina Halata (-57 kg), Faiya Asahin (-52 kg), Meriam Mausa (-52 kg) and Hanjar Mizem (-48 kg). There are also 151 JudoCas tournaments, including males and 53 women.
Italy, France, Great Britain, Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and the United States of America.

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