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Essonen: Salif Keetha gives "The" "of the Esson-Mali Festival

"We meet the same values ​​along with Salif Keta, the Vice President of the Department of Culture, Ariy Gross (LR), which is quite natural to say that this edition is the godfather of 2 019." This Friday, at the time of Malin musician Ris-Oriensis project, Essoen Mali will be relegated. The first date for various departments is the first date.

Concerts, exhibitions, conferences and film shows are also very exciting and exciting. Ten events took place in 10 days, together with a host of 16 host cities and 39 partners to create this unusual poster. "This project is based on Malin culture and African culture is more extensive," says Arrow Gross. Cooperation in Mali is one of the oldest in the department. This is based on equality, as our two countries represent equally. Our desire is to create a festival in Mali. "

Transfers with the public

The bigger program is a proud place to all aspects of African culture. Bowie will be represented on Saturday in a show at the cultural center of Saint Anthony. West Africa's Indrapz on February 9, Connor Buenos Aires (10 euros) photographs or performances of traditional art, bourse-sur-yvetto or masie. Finally, the theater does not survive the audience at Corbel-Essonus, Brice Sauce-Forgas, Saint-Michel-sur-Orge.

To encourage exchanges with the general public, workshops and internships. On February 3, two dance workshops will be held at Riz-Oriandigi. Morning will offer a percussion workshop.

"This new edition can be considered as the original first edition of the festival, which is considered to be the selection of the department, and we linked us to African programs last year and this year our own programming."

"Mali needs similar programs"

So long as 50 years of life and the desire to do so will adversely affect the resistance of Mali. This year, EEL Fest has been chosen as the sponsor of Salif Keta. A tour tour will begin in April. During this period, his latest album, "World White", will carry ten tracks.

Have you agreed to be the servant of this 2?E Version?

Salaf Keeta. "This is a cultural partnership between Esson and Malin, and we are only receiving free-phone phones because we speak French," Mali said.

What's your role

On Friday, I will take part in an event, and on Saturday I will attend the World Wide Off of the World (SNOX in Rino-Ryan-Orient) exhibition of the Great Diwara. Like audiences I will find the movie at the same time, and then I will hand over to the participants.

What are the implications of this festival in Mali?

It expresses peace and encourages cultural exchange. Music is the best way to solve social problems. Anything that gives a good picture of Mali is good. We seem to support it, it's too much for us.

Complete programming

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