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Endzyn: Khalif asked at Ndank Runway

Ndiassane (Thiès), November 27 (APY) – Khalifa of Nadasan, Sergei Shaikh Bekay Kauta ibn Bekai, the head of state, called Makki Söl. 7 km from the town.

He said that Sergei May was talking face to face with Abdul Rahim Katta during the official ceremony of Gamby Aditya in 2018. Monday to Tuesday.

Sergey Mamel Abdurahman, according to Counta, will pay "special attention" to this traveling city. Their ancestor, Sheik Bouunama Kauta, founder of Thakha Khade,

He stressed that the relationship between the Knanraye is one of the first projects that the religious guidance is expected at the beginning of his caliphate.

Serange Abdourahmane Kounta He will be on this road "before a conclusion of the faithful of Ndankh", and he intends to organize immediately.

He indicated that the condition of post-ill health was "not allowed to go there" with the current track.

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