Friday , May 14 2021

El Hadabi Abdou Wade Mill for "Gow S Bop"

Task Force member of Malik Ziky's Movement Malik Gawau is planning to go on a grand party to sideline Saali.

We urge you to read his statement in Ekstro read here:
Dear friends and supporters,

On November 15, 2018, through the Manifesto, I will inform you that I will end all activities in the "GOM SOAP" movement, which is part of the Communication Task Force.
A press conference will be held to explain the reasons.
I also held a broader discussion with my parents, friends and supporters, along with my brother Ludhabi Malik Gaku, to work with the Grand Party president and to Senegal for our country.
Through our Senegal Alternative Program (PSI), we are fully committed to our commitment to the co-operative movement and community plan to bring our development down from our country.
The political regime based on social justice, justice and transparency is closely related to its rich political history.
We hand our hands to all the Grand Party's supporters to help him identify a credible alternative to our country.

Dakar November 15, 2018

El Haddi Abdou Wait Mara says

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