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E-commerce: Rwanda, Alibaba's first African node


As the epicenter of the African Digital Revolution, Rwanda has consolidated its leadership. This week, the country welcomed the African center of the Alibaba Group's e-commerce platform. Kigali has been launched by President Paul Kagame and Chief Executive Officer of China, Jack Ma. The two men know each other well and have met several times. Their latest interview was held in New York on September 23, 2018 at the edge of the broadband committee.

EWTP's objective is either the "Electronic World Trade Platform" to promote public-private dialogue in order to promote a more efficient policy and business environment, and ultimately to engage small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in cross-border e-commerce . Thanks to agreements signed in Rwanda, SMEs in the country will be able to sell their products, for example, coffee for example to Chinese consumers through Alibaba's online markets.

An idea for Rwandan producers

With the hub, the second largest e-commerce giant from China after Malaysia, the country has millions of potential customers. Paul Kagame is a well-known opportunity for "the global trading platform […] will increase the capacity and competitiveness of entrepreneurs and business players. "Rwandan manufacturers will be able to" directly sell a much wider consumer base than before, "he said at the start, and this, while circumventing expensive intermediaries.

"This partnership between Rwanda and Alibaba positively transforms the existence of the population. We strive to exploit the digital economy to support exporters, local producers and craftsmen," said Clare Akamanzi, Chairman and CEO of the Rwanda Development Committee.

Jack Ma is African

While Rwanda wants to strengthen its leading role in Africa thanks to the installation of eWTP, it allows Jack Ma to stand even more on the continent. For the billionaire, whose "today's Africa is far better than China, ninety years ago" initiates initiatives. Finally, the launch of the Netpreneurs Prize, a new competition devoted to African founding companies. The award will provide a $ 10 million distribution to a hundred entrepreneurs in the continent over the next ten years.

Since the appointment of the Special Representative of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in September 2016, the Chinese CEO has eyes on Africa. Interest is manifested through various philanthropic initiatives, but also through business development on the continent. In June, Alipay signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Kenyan-based Equity Bank and a Red Dot with Singapore's online payment service.

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