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DEPRE – Denmark, Lead

Copenhagen (AFP) –

The video's giants make it absolutely attractive and unacceptable for real content, attractive characters, motion, and the Danish series to control themselves from the world's screens.

The last darling of the "Father's Name", from Thursday in the French-German Channel Arti, is a great Prime Minister of the series, "Borgen", a new series of Adam's price.

Foreign expertise and reality are all about explaining the appetite of a globalized audience initially for the local and non-regional series, Pia Jenson, professor of Information Science at the University of Arms, says.

For a long time, Denmark was confined to the police, and internationally known as "Killing" broke out. There, we are investigating a police detective from Copenhagen.

This is the Viquetee and then the "Nordic noir" standard is designed. Jensson says that in Britain, "Shetland" or "BroadCurchach" can find their beauty beyond the Scandinavian boundaries.

For a foreign audience, Denmark, who is shown in Denmark, "the Welfare State is a wonderful foreign society due to strong women's characters". If she is like the paradise of the paris of Paris, she is happy of herself.

Ironically, in the world of the modern world, it's easy to understand & # 39; usual & # 39; Developing the characters and understanding the researcher.

– Jehovah's Ways –

A Danish immigrant family in the "Father's Name", representing around 80 countries, refers to the everyday life of a family, a delightful and bizarre giant in the hands of many demons, and Johannes Crow.

Lars Makiesen, who is involved in the 50 pope, is a killing sportsman and is a member of the International MM. Award has been received.

In his encouragement as the Russian president of "House of Card", he created "a new Stalin for interpreting a mainstream character in a TV series", is not it worth the favor of Adam's transcendent Adam, the cultural movement in Denmark?

"The tenth generation of Johannes Pastors: It's a big burden, which hurts his son," he summarizes.

The second August pastor is Daddy's married and married and pursues Kudumbasra as long as he becomes a chain for the Afghan army.

"There are stories about how many Bible stories the fathers, children and brothers are in, the fertile place to talk about man's relations, the gene of competing with men in the same family", The price.

– Dispensation –

"In the name of the Father" is a part of Borgen's DNA: "The effective politician Birgit Niebourg shares his passionate love with Johanna's crook.

"But Johannes responds differently, because his desire is not related to the political world, it's more natural in nature," says Adam Price.

The mirror of faith and religion is intentionally disconnected by the family matrix.

Religion is sometimes fraudulent if the authority has authority over the authority of the family, "says the writer who is now working on the film" The Ragnaroc "for the Netflix in a six-part series, a god in the mythology of the ancient modern world, who resurrected as a teenager.

The "Father's Name" was considered to be a story of two acts, and the second season is currently the D. Public television was broadcast, and it added up to 500,000 viewers.

The country, with a population of 5.8 million, is a small and great novelter.

"Danish producers are more concerned about a Danny Audience, since they are relevant because the DRO experiment continues, some series will travel – and some will not do it," says Jensen.

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