Tuesday , March 21 2023

Côte d'Ivoire ticket to the finals


The derby of the two countries at the border of the magnificent river, with so much hope Congo (1-1) were born Red Devils And LeopardThis Sunday's stadium Alphonse Mashamba-Debate Off Brasil.

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The first meeting of the first meeting was 40 minutes after half-time. Floods, Brittat Assembling (25) found Thaiva Bifuma Answer (38). The two teams could not make a decision in the second.

By stimulating to draw draws Leopard This group was found to be large enough to be part of their group. An advantage Zimbabwe The game ended when the game ended Liberia (1-0), the team has resumed the contract.

On March 6th and Final, Sparks are offered with program meetings Zimbabwe-Congo And The girl is Liberia. Only two English teams are eligible to qualify. The Congo will succeed.

Classification of Group G:

Zimbabwe, 8 points (+3).

2. Liberia, 7 points (-3).

3.Doc Congo, 6 point (+1).

4. Congo, 5 points (-1).

Match stats:

Eleven starts:

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