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Comics and manga spotted in Angulum Comics Fest


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Visitors to the Angullemi Comics festival on January 24, 2018

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Hats for the batman in the 80th birthdayE Anniversary, Bernadette DepressesTom Tom, Nana), Italian artist Milo ManaraClick, Caravaggio), Tyio Mattsmoto or Mankas (Clear), Sumoth Nihi ("Guilty!") Will be awarded some of the highlights of this awards on Saturday, January 26, at his FOUD D'OR Award. For organizers of the greatest European poetry, there are over 1,500 authors, and Angoulême should be a chance to break the division between different sects.

In a public market in semiconductor, Comics was better than withdrawing from competition. In a study conducted by the GFK Institute on Fiberglass, Comics arrived in 2018. 15 years turnover. Last year b. D. sold 44 million copies. 510 million euros sold. The sales of BD rose by 2.5% in 2018 compared to last year.

In the BD family, it is Manga, which contributes to the growth of the market, selling 11% of copies sold in 2018. "The French are more fans of this section, what type of manga (…) this segment shows in one of three BD sales of France in 2018." Paul Antoine Geonton, GfK's bookshop says. Comics with their super heroes are also on the rise with a 5% increase in sales.

Welcome to Manga City

The festival's art worker Stephen Bouciyan, "The Festival is working as a platform accelerator for the gathering of generals and cultures." Dodging Manga City, Sponsors a memento of 2,500 square meters. (Last year of 1000 square meters of year). "Today's challenge, Stephen Bowuan wants, to convince the editors, to get into the cold and open places, to associate an editorial that will no longer be part of the true culture". In short, the comet's media "One of the world's most diverse cultural ethos. "

The present situation is changing. BD readers are buying more albums, especially bookmarks, in different categories. The Fibd Grand Prize will be awarded from Wednesday through January 23rd. A writer will reward each year for all his works. Emmanuel Ghibert, Japanese Rumiko Takahashi, American Chris Wear, last year included three women in the US Richard Corban crown. Florentine Zestak was the only woman in 2002, and won Anguayume Grand Prix.

We already know that the Reine Gosinny Award has been awarded. Every year a writer writes a comic for all his creations. This series is scripted by Pierre Cristin Valerian and Lorelane. But those writers and publishers are awaiting expectations, especially those of the dow. According to GfK, they say that the difference is 45,An original multiplication effect " In sales.

Among the climbers, Riyadh satouf is in the fourth The Arabs of the future216,000 copies are sold by professional magazine Hebdo Books. And we'll find What I like is demons American Emil Ferris (now the ACBD Critics Award winner), two older students from Charlie Heidho: Maybe that's wrong"Catherine Merusius For Large spaces. The jury award comprising jury, penelope lagoon and journalist Augustine Trendpadder will be awarded with a special jury award, a series of prizes, awards award and a traditional prize.

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