Friday , September 30 2022

Cliché-Sauce-Boise: Return to school first


For a while, they had a dream, but for some, not about those who are far away from the film world, not even red or red carpenters. You can dream this Friday. New Pussian, three girls and seven boys are back in the Contrezme Film School in the Medici Workshop in Clich-Soz-Bois / Manféferm. A free and practical school for studying cinema codes within a few months.

This idea was born by Ladder, a 20-year-old camera cameraman. Amateur videos in short films, fiction and documentaries: self-conscious has become professional and proudly want to join the prestigious film, "No Coding, Desire," who wants to help the next generation. The desire is too big.


Lodd Lill, founder of Corterram school LP / Karol Sterlite

"We were expecting more than 100 people and we were using 1038 applications, from Marseille, Leone, Brittany, Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, and Senegal.Lad Lee's first feature film" Les Misirables "was editing and it was over 18 years old to introduce a subject in the movie A form of film No need.

"Oh, we are over 1,000 candidates and we are bilingual," says the 31-year-old Clechieva, who is a kid, as a kid, "hunt", "but I thought it was not enough for me," he added.


Bail Chikri. DR

In 2005, after the death of two children in the city, Syed Benny and Boban Trory died, and the whole world was joined by Clive-Soz-Boise. TV sets not only film. Omar C.'s advice on the city is reminiscent of Bilal: "Everything is in trouble, but if you love it, you have a size, you will go a long way!" After that, the Balele Chirik is shooting the film, but by the age of 31, the camera wants to go back.


Bandjougou Coulibaly of Montfermeil, a new student at Kourtrajmé's school. DR

"This is an open door", Landwood Boulevate Quilleballi (20), sisters Lodge Lill, this area grew in maternalermere. The school stopped at Electrical Engineering and was looking for a job until we learned about opening this school. "I know what I know to tell a true story that is very close to my mind," he said.

Interestingly, Ludgie Lee, who is only interested in paraarrion's candidates, says: There are plenty of projects in personal stories. "This is what we have seen for more than an hour, so we have set five limits for training programs," Liddley, He said.


The mind-boggling of Ivry-sur-Seine. DR

Ivan-Sir-Sain took two hours to travel 23 km to Clichy-Sauce-Boise. The movie is a dream. I met as a journalist and one day I dream of making a movie. However, I need a large network of things in these trades, "says the 21-year-old girl, whose short film will be deported and echoing France's story when she is only 6 years old from Morocco.

The first session of the training will end at end-January 2019. The two will participate in the year. Apprentice directors from West Africa allow themselves to assert themselves: a double strike in Mali. No boundary is bound.

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