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CFF Awards 2018: Trophies are being used on January 8 in Dakar


Is there syndrome on Monday morning? Orange football cafe You suggested a good solution that will help you attack a week ahead.

Sign out and review several events marked in the last football weekend.

Between Classics In the League of Legends TP Massib Until thatAS Wita Club Big shock Premier LeagueWe could not appreciate the eternal striker Ivorian's performance Dydier Drogba His team reached the final in the finalUselessDo not forget about interesting conflicts Serie A In Italian football fans spasms. Editors Here's a brief description of the five football infos you selected:

Lynfut (3rd J.): The WeAt Club Climbs the Massby and the Muboule Traser (3-2)!

Tipo Masbeat's cloister Lloydf, known as "Ravens", won the ASVeta Club for three goals in the third round of the Congo Championships in a warm atmosphere and in the Attractive People's Front of Badikavan's Temple.

The match ended (1-2), Pamphili Mihayo, a promoter of Florent Ibegie, defeated men 3-2.

Raina won the title of Kamalando Little Prince, Master Rainfire Calaba, (65) and Playmaster Treasure Barn.Am Minutes. As long as the player, player and player play regularly, the game continued throughout the game. Kamando's rival Kalamoto was not even able to win a double scores even from the competition.

Lakumbam Nogoma (29) and Mutpo Kassad (65) gave the victory to Muscat.

This victory has allowed the refusal of the leaders in Leinaput to follow eight successive victories in several league games and their main competitor in the 15 seasons (at least 4 games) during the season. Only 2018/2019 is started.

United States – US: Fiono's Rising Fytics

At the age of 40, Dydier Drogba offers a fine reputation with Phoenix. In the American Football Conference Finals (American D2), he scored two goals for a Orange Epic striker (2-1) for his over.

Former Chelsea and his team will face Louisville on Thursday. If Elephant terminated his work in the final title

Premier League (D-11): Manchester City Southampton hit

Despite the lack of Kevin de Bruin, Manchester City is the leading hole. In the league this season, Citizens celebrated the Satnam Practice on the eleventh day of the Premier League.

The men's Josep Guardiola had a score of six goals in eight shots. Rahim Sterling won the double. This win is still ahead of Liverpool for two goals for the Mancunes. Arsenal's check (1-1).

Now Reds has points with Chelsea. In the Crystal Palace (3-1) Sunday, the difference in Blues differs from the achievements obtained by Alvarro Morata (Penrose, Pedro).

As a result of weekend, the list topped the list of six units (1) and Arsenal (6). Manchester derby next week!

Serie A (J11): Milan, a Titan mind!

This mila certainly does not have the best technical qualities of Serie A. On the other hand, there was a great anger to defeat it. In short, he will see more and more like Genaro Gutuso.

On Sunday night, Milanese played a normal performance at Uudenes base, but it was just a fight back and back. But it was enough to score a goal from captain Alessio Romagnoli. 96 minutes. Rejected for a non-existent occupation, the Central Referee finally gave this advantage with the help of co-workers from the video.

This is the third consecutive win against AC Milan. The winner against Genoa (2-1). Romagnoli's goal in the 91th minute and against Samaria (3-2). Seventh place is seven-time European champions. Three weeks ago, the derby was burned down.

Serie A (J11): The empire against the Spices empire, previously known as Lazio Roma Marque

On Sunday afternoon, Lazio became the champion of Spal (4-1) in the eleventh day of Roma Sierra. Simone Insaigi is confident of accepting the Olympic mercury Europa League (Thursday, 17:55 GMT). >> A complete summary of the Yogi

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