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Canton in Geneva: The motor show is preparing its melt – auto


When faced with structural changes influencing the festivals, the Geneva Motor Show reflects its future. The 89th edition of March 7 to 17 will be the last. André Hefty's last. Audience wants to diversify by attracting tech savy.

Over two weeks, there are 650,000 to 700,000 visitors and 10,000 journalists. In July, Olivier Rihill Trolley will begin to climb.

The exhibition no longer wants to organize two shows with different displays. The Monday display will end on the second week of 2020 (five days), as an example of the developers standard. "For devices and device manufacturers, 11 days are long," hefty said.

Other innovations will be presented later. "We appreciate it if we are treated as a classic festival (to develop digitalization, especially to improve communication)," said President Maurice Torrettini.

The motor show should be transformed into a "mobility fair", says François Lanas, president of the umbrella of the Swiss auto Importers. Taking into consideration the organizers, you should take into consideration the current craze for new transaction vehicles. The new registrations increased by 23 percent in the Swiss area in 2018.

In the future, new technologies can be found in their heart. His last edition wanted to invite the young man at the main hall of Andra hefty. He abandoned his plan. We found eight exhibitors and we needed at least fifteen, "he said.

Confidence, despite failures

Most of the technology companies did not attend the exhibition's timeline. "Responding to this, we will need to find a solution for organizing this & # 39; future campus & # 39; s future in three days.

This year, gaps such as Opel, Volvo, Hyundai and Ford are falling down, and new channels will be promoted through other channels.

The President does not have to worry about it. He said a poll that will share 35 per cent of the brands in the Geneva talks. "We are very low" (a) lower level of partnership ".

Maurice Turrenti recalls that for the first time, 34 exhibitors took part in 2019. A record 67% of the total sectors recorded the record. The main hall is still working, says the director. "No trouble, we are full."

Worldwide, 94 viewers are organized by 94 viewers. Some Swiss brands include elements of the Latin post's electric scooters, including cubers.

At a meeting in Germany, the Pyjawk mark on the model and model of Swiss and local vehicles in Switzerland is modeled on the Zero model.

The automotive sector in Switzerland produces 93 billion francs, or about 14 percent of the national GDP. It uses 224,000 people for 20,200 companies. (Ps / nixp)

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