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Camcuse's Quintine Prix, Mercury Vincent's (R-1). CHENU selected in CENING!

This Wednesday's Kammergue quintesse in Vincennes, 6 years old, was unable to earn 195,000 Euros. Senthall Costing (photo), Of the fifteen candidates joining us in this meeting, silver will give us the top priority, especially since it is four feet apart from the last two courses.

Quintai + Pimu canalerfor choices

15 chain u Yes, that son Baccarat Bridge Still searching for the first success in the Vincennes track. However, last winter proved that he would have to intervene with such a company. He will walk with the bare for the meeting. Our favorite.

4 Classic Hoofour : It is preserved Christian Fagion There are six podiums, including three winners, in eleven performances in Paris Vincennes racing. Furthermore, can the already successful 2.700m G-PPA be successful? Taliban distort the match and he will be logical records.

9 section: One of his main attributes is the wisdom of nine disqualifications from thirty castes. It has a serious way. Effective deferred hosts Jean Michel BasielShe can talk about her again.

5 Alex Trøjorg His last public appearance was successful in October at Nighhine, Grain and Remis. Although there is no mention of Vincennes, he turns to a fair pride. Especially when he gets well Yoann Lebourgeois.

1 telmistore : It is not suitable for the heart. This Scandinavian Troator, was trained Gayan Gopal, There are three disqualifications continuously. He succeeded in the same track last winter, in the main track, in February. Sage, he has the means of drawing cards.

10 CONCERTO COINTERIE : He has signed twelve physical games at the last 13 public markets, with seven wins after the start of April. At the start of the month of Ponsteet, Christopher Du Lupine dominated good. Definition: It refutes to reference to the Paris Vincennes match.

12 maple content : From this girl The prince Five wins have not been signed since the start of the year. In the ascending stage, she tries to play the boys with a profitable profit of the anglers. Cosmetics of those who are outside

2 drugs Do not be alert to the disqualification recorded in the recent Qt Precision Mirror. He was distressed in the last days. The 11 winners of the 49 outlets were considered in the course of the character, which is the profile of sexually exploited photography. A rare need.

In the non-runner: 11 cap de narmond.

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