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Boeung presented Ho hoo in June 72 for the Cannes Film Festival, Palm Frog

(Cinu / kim yeda)

(Cinu / kim yeda)

The South Indian film director, Bong of the South Pole, presented the award to the Ho Chi Minh City Pari Sites at the concluding ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival.

Last year, the Pyramid D'Or was awarded for the Hercules Cora-Eda Family Program. French actress Catherine Deneuve Bangu jun-hoc Palme d'au: "Thank you very much, I have been very honored, and I've always been inspired by French cinema, Henry-Georges Closot Clod chopper," he said.

Gran Jury Award was awarded by Atlantique, Franco Sinigalees Matte Deep, Jury's special mention, Mexican director Alejandro González Inarit, Ejaz Sulaiman whether it should be given.

This year's Jury Awards were honored by Ladley, Clauber Mendonca Fillo and Juliano Dornellus. Camerara D'Or, Cézar Diaz, for Neusta Madrass, gave Kekateros Pommyque or Varsity Cinema Vasilis for distance between our sky and the sky.

Dardon was awarded with the Durran Brothers Award for Young Ahmed Awards, and Selin Sanyamak won the Best Screenplay Award for the Pyramide of the Fire Art Awards for Crow Pam.

Antonio Bandarez won a Best Actress Award for Padron Alamedor's Pain Glory Award. Little Joe's best actress Emily Beacon has won the award for Jessica Housner.

"This year, we were amazed (…) We do not have time like judges, but as an Amrithar, the audience in the movie," said Aljandro Gonzales Ankuru.

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