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Barcelona | Barcelona: Controversies: When the mess is revealed after the transfer of the mess


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Post November 15, 2018A. M.

Malcolm spoke about the importance of Lionel Messi for this upgrade.

Malcolm Coming from a distance. A few days ago, only 25 minutes were played in all the Brazilian matches. But Philip Kothinho's injuries were allottedOsmanine DumbledaleMalcolm returned to the scene. In the Champions League against Inter Milan, 1-1) the previous bordex is in second place Betty Seville In league (3-4). And Malcolm This ensures that Lionel Messi It played an important role in returning to form.

"He's following me, it's a reputation, and I'll never forget"

" Messi is the best in the world for me. You do not know what he is going to do, and it is very difficult to know where he is going. I have the opportunity to learn every day, not everyone is given it. Before the start of the match against Betis (early season and edition of the season in Liga), we spoke briefly in the tunnel, when he got the ball and he called for a call. He will find me. He finds Spain as a foreigner, he spaces the spaces and always wants to be good at the group, and that is why he is the captain. He pushes his partner to give you the best, always giving advice, and give you the best. He knows how to inspire you. He follows me, he's a reputation, and I will never forget it "Confides Malcolm In an interview ESPN Are reporting their comments Foote Mercedo.

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