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Anne Sophie Rookette at the end of the LOC lost for 30 years: she tells 5 beautiful memories

She lost 30 seasons. Instead of setting up mood in the stadium, 30 seasons, instead of opening the games and announcing the name of the scoring … Heat the stadium: "Beautiful !!!The 664 players introduced ten different presidents, 22 coaches and 5 stadia in Los Angeles Sony Rocket.

1989: First speaker as speaker

"I do not remember anything from this first match. I was 26 years old. The former speaker died in December 1989. I have arrived at this time. I have tried one but I really do not remember at the microphone Grimonprez-Jooris stadium first. Psychologically, when you feel more stressful, you know it's a black hole …."

World: 2003 An An-Souffi Rocket reported

LOSC: Announcer Anne-Sophie Roquette report split in 2011

1997: Getting to Ligue 2

"That day, there was a colony. I am in the worst hope. But he was a peacekeeper. Supporters came to support the work of Bernard Lhetet (Editor's Note: That President). But it is not easy to handle. I represent the voice of the club, but I support everything. You have to be careful. In such a match you will be hurt. But you should have this in microphone. Let me say, "Let's hope". As you walk down the lick 2, it's hard. You can not say what you think. But I hear the sound of my fight … It's back, we know that in the club 2 is good on this pass club."

Lily / Le Havre (2-2), May 17, 1997

2001: in Monaco, third of Liquid's 1

"Monaco Lily, it's unbelievable. In the Champions League you reached Ligua a year ago. That day I was in the stadium Louis II stand. I have traveled with VIPs. The club got me into the road. Shampedin, private plane … I was far from the Presidents Diana and Grille. It was great. That marked me."

Monaco-Lili (1-2), May 19, 2001

2001: LOSC-Parma, the last European Cup

"We won 2-0, but there was 15,000 fans in the Grimon Prix-Julius, but it seems to be 45,000 people, this was my first cup of competition: Europe: I have my yellow UEFA badge in my photograph, my face is closed, I notice , This generation is my beloved: Cabié, Debucci, Dumont … "

Lily / Parme (0-1), August 22, 2001, ended the match

2011: doubled

"How to speak twin At that time, we stop Leon. It was great. The club over the bus is offered. I said, "This title is yours."

Special "champions"

Bonus: May 18, 2019, final match

"I'm going to have a special match this Saturday night, I'm going to be surprised, I'm crying out my tears, but I've decided to stop, I'm going to enjoy the time I've been in my time, 30 days good, I was a cute girl and a female speaker in a football club, Again I'm proud of it. "

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