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André Banhausen Kamet (Professor at the FAB University in Abidjan): "Sydiksey Bekba is one of the best Ivory Artists"


Professor André Bunhaumann Kamet, African Drama, is a teacher of arts and culture. Felix University of Philips Hufffoot Bugnie University's Information, Communications and Arts 16 November, Friday, Sunday, November 18, Sunday, ANS. In the exhibition, he was a collection of symposiums and symposiums about Zidki Bakba. A few days before his participation in many countries, he spoke with Linfredrow.

Why did a seminar in Siddiqui Bakawah?

The concept of colloquium begins with an observation. One of the views of Zidikee Bacha's work is internationally known. Unfortunately, his work is not an academic or academic study. Siddiqi Bakabah is a time when director, director, director, and Ivory comedy. In Europe, people studying in the Western University study. This led to the study of the study of the perspectives of Professor Valsey Siddeeb and the Chairperson, who took the initiative to give us a space for academics from different fields that were open to him. Whether the theaters are or is filmed.

His works are not the subject of university or academic study. What did you do to inform them?

of course. I write the unique zeal in the works of the CDC BAKABUA in the title "Culturally Animation in the Theater of the CDC" from 2000 to 2010. In this essay, I try to prove that the activities of the Sidki Bekiba are not accidentally created, they are usually part of the social and political context that challenges people's consciousness In addition to this program, I am the author of two books on CDICBBAKA: The Theaters and Society published by European University Editions, published in 2016, titled "Reflection on the Theatrical Performance of the CDC BAKABA", at Harmaton Park Cinematographer "CDC and his poems are 26 letters. In our sense, we tried to bring academic attention to the academic development of the major creations that our fellow Siddique Baba had built. But the scene is so big since it was the beginning of the production. So we should call laborers. Thus, by organizing this conference, we ask all those interested in research-shaped and performing arts. They answered many of our calls. Academies from three academic universities from America, France, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal. To find the University Felix Hafeuf Phoenix in Abidjan, the Alsan Ottara in Bukhaake and Pelphon Gone Caulibilli in Kargogo. Within two days, the results of research will be presented in the academic zidkieb's creative work.

What do you remember from the work of CDICA BUCKA?

Yeah yeah! Zidki Bekka's work continued for 40 years. But, according to the statistics, at least 40 film interventions, twenty theatrical stags, and many characters were interpreted. Let us quote the first works of the 70s, the Sadi Saurou's eye, and the meat of Amadeau Konne's flesh. In the 1970s, Bako was known for his first black face in French films by Bacco, with French director Jack Chembrooks Bakot. He intervened in an adventurous adventure. It's like cures like you thought for yourself. He intervened in the doctors of the Nigerian Dipham. So many deeds carry his signs. Like a director or a director, or doing an important role as an actor. He continues today. My new movie is not released yet, but it is named 'Yafa'. The film is directed by Caribbean Christian Lara. Africans asking for apology from the West Indies are traders who sell their own work.

What do you expect from audiences from this conference?

I would like to ask all those who know the CDCBACA because he will be there, come and greet him, thank you for all the work done for the acting arts. It is the art of society that the blood of the human body is. Without art, without culture, a society has died. No society exists; Just as a man can live without blood in his body. It is this art, that this society is the genus of society. Everyone who strives to create our art and our culture is like doctors who make sure that the effect of blood in the human body can not destroy the disease. I call all those introduced to him by Zidki Beka. We celebrate with us all of us in love with art and culture, this symbol of the work of art, and this gentleman we are now calling a farmer, to tell the great leader of Africa's menstrual art.

Adolf Anthowa

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