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Aly Ngouille: "Yen refutes a neighborhood" •

The Interior Ministry is not disappointed. On Tuesday afternoon, the Ali Nogoli River defended the Budget against the Delighters and returned to the African lead angle.

Ministers from the Department of Homeland and Public Security who spoke in the national representation of withdrawing of recognition for the African lead were disclosing MPs in violation of the law. It's a tire. "In 2011, the" Weary "movement did not even have an association status, and he received the status on June 10, 2013. Like all associations, this movement must have been through membership fees and fund funding," according to the law, "suppressed Ali Nogauli. He adds: "Assange, like other neighboring cultural organizations, gives a quick look at the movement, which is not allowed to grant any financing unless they pay for their contributions, so this is a code of civil and commercial obligations, so anyone who does anybody should bring the law into law. We will walk by the altar. "

"Only 500 NGOs in Senegal control 123 investment projects,

The Minister continues: "Senegal is a country with many NGOs, political parties and associations, we have more than 19,000 nationalized associations, we have more than 301 recognized parties, we have more than 500 nd. When we got control, 123 only regulated investment programs All other programs do not have a program, and 60 lines are not displayed even in the directory Cum enji'okalunt. "So we kramattilakkentatunt things. As long as I'm here we will order some order. For the lead endeavor, the former Minister of Industry supports: "This is a foreign association based on Senegal's law. So, the home ministry granted him permission. The minister also realized that he did not respect his responsibilities and that the Minister's approval was withdrawn. They have a right to come back with a good appeal. We are waiting, we see the right moment. "In 2018, 125.78.917.622 FCFA, FCFA 125.78.917.622 FCFA in 2017, limited the budget limit to 2.333.186.262, the FFA's absolute value at 1.9%.

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