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Alan Mabankau, International Writer


Franco-Congolese Alain Mabankau, a leading figure in the Francoian literature, criticizes the temptation of Africa's community and France's indifference to the continent's dictatorial regimes. Wearing a bleak and silly voice.

He chose the takers. One symbol, it is necessary. Tackle like a banker. Listen to this tropical bird that loves to hear. However, the writer denies Alain Mabankau, whose murmurings were raised aloud. He had selected butterflies, birds, and flowers. The shirts of ten men are 100 ninety, maybe a hundred and fifty, he is happy with his own.

In early September, he took it. A glimpse of his beautiful nature in tradition and the place in Paris. A garden around the city's speed, sunny thorns and mass chairs.

Frances and the Congolese writers live in Holland for six months. Former Convent Garrett became an artist's residence near DL. He likes the atmosphere, "The impression of entering another small country," And the intel bar, this is a night club.

But alas, Alain Mabanckou does not have to work smoothly. He encouraged his 12th novel, Stores are immortal (Range). A book has more political and smaller family history and a big story. He missed the Grand Prix of Akkadian Francois Novel, and the literary awards did not appear in a list this week. On October 31, according to GFK's company, this book does not prevent his book from surviving the 10th place of novels sold out of collapse.

One of the best intellectual African intellectuals, Cameroonian Akilay Mbbbe, who teaches history and political science in Johannesburg in South Africa, makes a book by François. In 2019, a tract is planned. Because the tunic was about to be angered.

There is no McCoran

Alin Mabankau, it's a little …

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