Friday , June 9 2023

Aigle Azur will connect Orly to Kiev


The airline Ajial Asur A new relationship will be launched in the spring Paris-Orly And Kiev, His first in Ukraine.

From April 2019, French Airlines has three flights per week Paris-Orly Airport Kiev-Spokane, Operated Airbus A320 Business classes can include 12 passengers and 168 economy class. The flight will depart at 2:10 am on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and will arrive in Ukraine at 7:00 pm (7am) ​​at the Ukrainian capital, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Ajmal will contest directly indirectly from Air France and Ukraine International Airlines (Paris-CTG).

This flight AIL – Kiev 195 will be available from the incoming VAT route First tickets for 2018 Unusual promotional rate of € 149, including tax deductions, including a huge benefit, including an economy class, service charge, subject to conditions and availability).

Eagal Azur's (airline partners), passengers from Brazil, Portugal and Algeria are offering this new way of life. The European Union since 2018 has helped Ukrainian citizens into a historical policy Visa Liberalization Less than three months. IGI Azur, " People and cultures have always worked together so there is a lot of joy in logically sharing this new inspiration between France and France. In addition, this direct line travels to the Ukrainian capital in a country where passengers want to communicate more with Europe ".

The connection of this connection with Paris The Kiev adds to other documents implemented by European Assyr in Europe. Development strategy. In addition to the long run from Mali, Algeria and Senegal last year, the second French company and its network have already strengthened Beirut, Berlin and Moscow. ), And Milan and in addition to Portugal.

Established in 1946, IGI Azur, nearly 2 million passengers are transported to airbuses, A319, A320 and A330 each year. Algeria (Algeria, Bulgaria, Constantine, Orland, Saitif and Telsen), Germany (Berlin), Brazil (Brazil, Sao Paulo), Francis (Brazil, Leone, Marceli, Malhoues, Toulouse) (Beirut), Mali (Bamako), Portugal (Lisbon, Ferro, Frans, Portugal), Russia (Moscow), Senegal (Dakar) Soon Ukraine (Kiev).

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