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After the annals of Gavin Ford's death, his relatives testify – Christophe Mi

The body after two days of British Radio host Gavin Ford's 53nd birthday is amongst us, many of us especially his coworkers and regular careers. One of the most famous radio show, "Gavin Ford in the Mornings", regulator, collaborated with Olga Habreau today experiences a deep grief following the heartbreak of the soul and humor of everyday life.

"The whole generation grew up with him"

The managing director of Virgin Radio Lebanon, Naji Cherabi, agreed to record the origin of the origin at the Gavin Ford. In 1993, he met the radio operator One and the British Broadcast Program. During the last months of his life, he has worked closely with him for over 15 years. "He is a long time friend and colleague who was a very professional and very kind person and one of the best and the best people to fight against," he says. He recalls that "all Gavin grew up throughout a generation". "Wrong rumors are not tainted by the people in the radio and the man they grew up.

He also met personality of Gavin Show, a guy who was the producer of Gaian Show, Radio One Program Radio and Radio host in 2003. Disappeared. "Gavin was very handsome and helped him as much as possible in the radio world," he says. "This man is a real artist in everyday life and microphone, and he's even more than a moderator, but I've always worked with a lot of people, but he always wanted to know what things he wanted, especially when it came to music, and any radio station should learn from its activities. He says of the confident self-confidence that describes personality: "If there is a small mistake, it should be immediately pointed out that led to him being mad. "15 years to know him … it's very hard and I was the first person I watched when I woke up and the only thing I did on the radio worked for him." What do you want? How should it be corrected? "15 years …"

A man is excited about his job

Suddenly disappearing messages are widespread on social networks. One of the audiences who ran on Monday morning from 7 am to 10 am said on Twitter: "Goodbye Gavin, you can no longer be a day off … You always shine with your humor, your jokes and your compliments … We'll miss you too." Another disappointing "We lost one of the pillars of the Lebanese media industry. "

Some reminded him that he had a connection with Lebanon. Despite British citizenship, the Arabic language was not very difficult to speak. The residence in Metnée, Benite, is described by a man in love with Lebanon. In addition to the message of reciprocal, internet users are promoting an object in the body when the strangulation is strangled or put to death.

We realized that Gavan was a radio fanatic from childhood when he gave interview to a year ago. He believed that he had his own recording studio, where he founded and fake characters recorded in the tape. He studied at London's National Broadcasting School before working with Radio Van Lebanon. He was, in his opinion, a true animation, a person who was perfect, and was fully aware of various types of content he suggested.

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