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AFRICA: Platform for collection of weather forecasts has begun


The contribution to the states to acquire Parsee Regional Destination (also known as COP21) is to limit global warming to 2,200 in 2 ° C. This is often a lack of funds. By the end of 2016, most of the global climate fund will be only 3 per cent according to the African Development Bank (AFDB). A continuity of a continent compared to climate change. UN studies show that almost 240 million Africans are starving. By 2050, there will be an increase of between 45 and 95 percent of malnourished African countries (25 percent in Central Africa and 50 percent in Africa), from 1.2 to 1.9 degrees Celsius. East Africa, + 85% in South Africa + 95% in West Africa).

This is the case when the African Financial Alliance (AFFAC) was born. This component of the African Development Bank (AFDB) will add private capital to low-carbon and climate-based development in four major areas: knowledge sharing, equipment, disclosure, and risks and opportunities based on African ecosystem. In addition, the African Weather Economy in the Global Weather Finance Architecture has been deprecated, and the weather will be attractive and attractive for weather activities. Is from Africa, which supports the Paris Agreement.

Afif, started in Johannesburg in AIF 2018

On November 7, 9, 2018, Africa Investment Forum (AIFF) had the Guidance Principles and Steering Committee of the NOAAC in Johannesburg, South Africa. His address was chaired by steering committee chairman, Pier Nicholas Stanton, This alliance is an important enterprise for the African financial sector to fight against climate change. Low carbon and climate change investments will provide an important basis for governance and strategy for risk / return governance and climate change. ".

A meeting organized by AFD in an annual meeting from May 21 to 25 and 2018 in South Korea is followed by the launch of Aphak. Participants of this institution are: Central Banks, Insurance Companies, Sovereign Savings, Pension Funds, Stock Exchanges, Commerce and Development.

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