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According to a study, average wages increase by 1.7 percent

If the salary is 1.7, it is expected that an employee can increase his salaries by 1.7 per cent. Experts say that even if the number of employees is lower, they can be stable.

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A small amount of light between 55 and 60 years of age continues to be faster, with the exception of life expectancy, proportional pay, age decreasing.

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This study is associated with Mutkinon based on information available to INSEE for full time employees born between 1935 and 1974.Within five years five years, each tension repeats a relatively distinct work profile (six). At the start of his career, the salary of the salary is 70% of the salary; On 30, he makes an average salary; 40%, it exceeds 10%. 20% will take 20 years to exceed.

"In addition to the continuous lifestyle pattern between 55 and 60, relative pay is slowly progressing. " Still jobs, and now more than half of the elderly. The difference between men and women, "Unemployment at the beginning of your life will not continue to grow: at the end of your life averaging 110% of average salary per woman, 130%,", They add. Through the study of men's labor – a completely untruthful information about women – expertly evaluates graduates of experts (pigeons or more).

"When the population doubled over the population in twenty years, this high wage growth in productivity was harder to achieve productivity. The result, the labor market "They listen. "Each group of graduates is lower than the previous one and is better in the latter", They add. Until then, some graduates continue to remain steady for 25 years. "Compared to globalization and competition from low-wage countries, SMIC's survival was poor compared to the average worker of workers, where low skilled laborers were poor in their relatives.They judge.

However, unlike graduates, their life is worsened by the end of their lives, and many of them are already worse if they do not go away from work. "Occupational Theory Today, if all senior citizens are expelled from the job, the lowest graduates are slashing average wages after 54 years. Graduates will decrease the number of children below 60 years and then decrease in growth"Calculate the experts."If you want to increase the seniors' jobs by cutbacks of wages, it seems essential a powerful training step after 50 years.They finish it.

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