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What is the meaning of "disagreement" with Egypt … what is the meaning of the decree for the elimination of Sudan?


The final declaration of a president Basheer food at the economic summit, initially paragraph "jalattekkuricculla international conventions" in the text of the termination compensation, the first Vice President, First Lieutenant Hasan salayute in Sudan, led by the Government representative and the representatives of the Government of Sudan, in the context of the request Eyruttil the first one.

Based on unknown sources, Sudan does not conform to international conventions, especially those in the water. Since the first conference of the summit, the government delegates deleted them and requested the secretariat.

The Lebanese military brought it back to the final statement of the summit and created tension and attractiveness at the meeting. The delegation was amazed by the fact that this paragraph does not include the delegation of Sudan in violation of multinational diplomacy.

The delegation has succeeded in deleting the questioned text and has been succeeded in changing the statement of paragraph a paragraph from the paragraph of this paragraph to the non-introductory paragraph.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameen Shukri replied in response from Sudan that: "Some of these (final statement) can not be taken away or some of it is the ultimate statement of the summit's decision."

"We see that this general (water signal) signal to support the work of Sudan President Omar Al Basheer has nothing to do with supporting efforts to support Sudan's support for food security," he said.

Relations between Sudan and Egypt remain calm. It has allowed senior officials, including heads of both countries, to deliver visits.

But new neighbors have renewed new disputes. The crux of the triangle on the border and the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in the Nile River is also important.

Damascus has been suspended since the Syrian conflict in the Arab League summit in 2011 in the absence of Arab presidents and leaders in the January 20, 2019 Arab League.

The final communications of the Arab Summit in Beirut urged refugees to improve their situation to their country.

Qatar Amir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Mauritania President Mohammed Auld Abdul Aziz and hostel president Michel An President. & # 39; Beerat Declaration & # 39; s at the end of the summit. The name is declared.

Most of the Arab countries represented representatives of the Prime Minister, foreign ministers and finance ministers.

"Beirut's shock, at a headless summit!", The Audina Nahar, on Friday, algorithmic newspaper, said: "apology, the Arab disappointment summit."

Beirut's announcement that Lebanese Foreign Minister Gabriel Bass reads 29 themes to promote economic and social development of various Arab countries.

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