Friday , September 30 2022

The end of the Arab music festivals took place in Alexandria "Ali al-Hajjar" (Photos)


The Arab Music Festival, which concluded at the 27th session of the 27th session of the Alexandria event, hosted the concluding ceremonies of the great artist Ali Al-Hajar, led by Rafaqqat al-Maesto Mohammed al-Muji.

Muzaffar al Najadi "Oh, you love me, my heart .. Oh my God, what does that mean .. Artist Muhammad Shaka is the song of the night .. So Shada artist Maha Salah Bajil Aslam .. Yaahla sob..Anabi" Wonder of the night of Umm kalatham Hasna ended with the first distinction of Abdul Wahab.

The second stage of the art of the musical was initiated by musical medley for the songs of Al Hajar. The performance of the performer presented an art form under the leadership of Ali Al-Hajar, one of the most striking works of art. Night and last .. Osirini .. Fether..muslim principles .. Asayi you .. Gate halavani .. Cairo .. here .. mashashha .. weeping .. karachai karachirangi .. night heart in the heart of the eyes.

The 27th edition of this festival is celebrated in the name of Shadiya from November 1 to November 12. The goal is to submit to the dedication of Michelle El Mazri and the cleric Saad Mohammed Hasan.

The 27th Arab Music Festival of Cairo, Alexandria, Damanhover, Cultural Center, and Pande Cultural Center is a cultural and artistic window that crosses western democratic society. It is celebrated only after the city of Dzhaz, governor of Kafer El-Sheikh and Azim City. The program of the festival includes the Republic of Governors. All governments of the Republic have included the means to reach all sections of the population, to expand the final arts and to improve public opinion.

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