Wednesday , March 22 2023

South Arabian world singer Beyonce is designated "Halloween"


Now, the details of the Saudi relay designer Beyonce, designated "Halloween", reveal.

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Fashion lovers around the world want to see boyfriend Beyonce Hallows around the world, but Saudi Arabia's world-famous celebrity Sarah al-Saud waits for "Death by Dolls" label that the difference is different this year.

"I was very excited to work with Beyonce and I realized that they are preparing our work to strengthen women," said Saudi designer CNN in an interview.

Beyonce designer investigated the idea of ​​designing a dress.

The beauty designer revealed that he was interested in rebuilding the eclipse of the eighties. Using the design's design, the sources of fi rm find and then the Benton's print uniform was designed. Work between 3 and 4 works. "

Beyoncé Sie also said that a "strong" message was resumed by resuming the Gini Violet.

The Sun brand is headed by Bridney Spiers, Janeet Jackson, Kayle Jener, Paris Hilton and UAE artist Ahlam Al Shamsi.

Beyonce's costly images on the Instagram website are the most striking apparel of the American player Florentine Griffith Joyner, who is known as "Flow Joe" worn at the 1988 Olympic Games in the United States.

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