Wednesday , October 5 2022

Samsung is developing a camera sensor for smartphones with extreme precision


South Korean phone company “Samsung” is working to develop a camera sensor for smartphones with high accuracy, the famous technology blogger “Ice Universe” published in the latest leaks.

The famous leaker tweeted on his Twitter account that the South Korean giant was working on a 600-megapixel camera sensor and that an image showing its capabilities and its size occupied a large part of the smartphone space.

Earlier this year, Yonkin Park, executive vice president of Samsung’s Censor Business Unit, wrote an article expressing the company’s desire to create a sensor that could outperform the human eye, with a resolution of 576 megapixels.

He explained that the images and features published by “Ice Universe” about some of the information about the sensor, the inspiration behind this great development, and that 4K and 8K video recording had become a common thing, so Samsung wanted to solve the problem of protrusion of the rear cameras with a larger sensor. To provide the best vibrations without compromising on quality.

It should be noted that Samsung’s development of the 600 – megapixel camera sensor is expected to be a major breakthrough in the market, but expectations are high that such a sensor will not be compatible with smartphones, so it will solve the extrusion problem for Samsung’s rear cameras, but it’s about 12% larger than the phone size, which comes with an extra handful. 22 mm apart. We are talking about a 0.8μm 600MP sensor.

The 600-megapixel sensor will take some time to market, and before its arrival we may see 150-megapixel and 250-megapixel units, for the time being, we’ll have to be content with the 108-megapixel primary camera, which is scheduled for the upcoming Galaxy S21 series.

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