Tuesday , July 5 2022

"Rosneft": Qatar contributes 14.1 percent to 3.7 billion euros


Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) Qatari funds will be paid 14.16% of the total amount of 3.7 billion euros (4.23 billion dollars). Russian oil company Rosneft said in a statement.

The Qatar Investment Authority is the Russian government and the third largest shareholder of British oil company Rosneft.

Glencore, a multinational company engaged in trade and mining, owns 0.6 percent stake in the Russian company.

In 2017, Qatar Authority of China (CAG) agreed to sell 14.6 per cent stake in the ROC for China to China..

Chinese authorities are dealing with Chinese company's contractual problems following the investigation by China authorities for "economic crimes" in March..

"Glencore said" Qatar and Qatar have direct equity shares, Qatar Investment Authority that controls 19% of Rootslet, Glencore 0.57%%

In May, Russia's CEO Rosstead Qatar welcomed the audience. Owned by the Russian energy company owned by Qatar's sovereign fund.

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