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Rania Yusuf offers tips for her sleepwalkers

Egyptian actress Rania Yosef surprised her in a video posted on YouTube. She appeared in Sleeve Vibber to discuss her source and information on her life.

"When I was eight and half years old, take a cup of coffee, drink coffee, take an hour, a text message, take a shower, show my phone, go to bed," said Yuna.

"In the first hour, the first and the first was not easy, and I began to interact with them and I changed the one-hour-hour Modi to listen to the radio and listen to the 10 minutes, and when I started to watch the movie or after the expression of the soul.

I love Ashi: "I love Ashi and I do not like the scope of edits, among whom I have all the things I do in his worries and hours.

Mohina Amin Radi's first film, Malina Iblis & # 39; s director, Ahmed Khalid Musa Rania will prepare to start shooting. Gadda Adel, Imaan Al-Asi, Salwa Qatab and Mahmoud Al-Lithi will also be screened in Rania.

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