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Investigate those who reject the influenza vaccination


«Health» vows its employees: Refuseniks investigated the vaccine of the pig

Muhammad Saeed Zahrani published in Oman from 20- 11 to 2018 in Oman

The Ministry of Health and its employees have investigated and operated the law enforcement agencies for vaccination against flu.
In a circular (Obas has a copy) that if any healthcare activist refuses to vaccinate without a medical examination, they should be aware of the importance of vaccination for the protection of their patients. (If it refuses, the case will be referred to in legal matters.
It is based on the Ministry of Health that promotes annual vaccination campaigns and is based on lakhs of people targeted by health professionals (doctors, nursing staff, technicians, administrators and healthcare providers directly accessible to patients).
Many health practitioners, who thought they were aware of their health, found their warning and resentment. They do not need to threaten "Okaz", especially when they are aware of flu viruses, especially the liver-resistant drugs. Epidemiology or schizophrenia.
In such a case, they added that health has been removed from legal language in legal matters.
Many of the public at the Ministry of Health said that this protocol exists in many countries where the highest levels of safety of the health care system are found in many European countries. Considering the serious complications of influenza viruses are usually immune patients, this should be vaccinated against the disease was contagious, vyadhikkatirikkunnatin paniykketire all health, "she said. Ill health is a major priority, to ensure the security of the patients, the maximum advantage of the full stack of human vaidyasanvidhanatte We train more health yppealum across the country.

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