Tuesday , March 21 2023

"Infrastructure" launched by Industrial Fund to support small and medium enterprises


The Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) has launched a wide range of initiatives and products as part of a new strategy to help industrial development and support the country's financial system. The industrial fund was led by the Industrial Fund at Riyadh Chamber in the presence of a number of investors and investors. "The vision of the fund industry in the last period of industrial society, investors, industry buffs pracarippikkalum ideas and suggestions, based on the communication tutarccayayatumaya and after 35 meetings and workshops. Haj for the industry and the industry sector, investors in different parts of the country The article discussed the strategy and fund services. "

Al-Mu'ajal explained that the industry's leading products and products are coming to meet the needs of investors in the industrial sector and to help the growth of the public sector. These include new financial products, consultancy services and training programs. "This year, with the participation of the Chamber of Commerce in various parts of the country, how can we start your business venture? "We have begun a training program called" Youth and Women "to invest in the industry and to provide training in the basic skills for starting their plans." The program continues with 500 trainees throughout the country in the following months.

At the meeting, the Industrial Fund Group has reviewed crucial achievements and initiatives including strategic transformation and small and medium scale industrial initiatives initiated by the first enterprises to stimulate the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises. The loan amount is in advance, the long-term repayment periods are low and the SME's "superb" program.
The IFAD team reviewed the use of latest technology to enhance energy efficiency and productivity through energy efficiency funding, digital transfer financing, improve energy efficiency, reduce cost and improve interoperability technologies.

The conference was a part of the initiatives organized by the Fund in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of different sectors. Review the financing, advisory initiatives and products designed by industrial funds for partnership, industry and investors and investors to meet current and future needs of the industry.

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