Sunday , April 2 2023

"Industrial Development" Saudi Arabia Introduces a Scheme for Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises


Riyadh – Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) reviewed a program. Several schemes and products were included as part of a new strategy to support industrialization and to counter economic distortion in the country..

Ibrahim bin Saad Al Mujal, Director General of Industrial Fund, said: "During the past year, the vision of the fund, the entrepreneur interested in industry, the interests of industry, the idea of ​​ideas and instructions, the industrial committees and investors.

Under the auspices of the Industrial Fund in Riyadh Chamber, with many investors and investors in the industrial sector,"He said.

The Industry Fund has reviewed the most important achievements and initiatives, including the AFF program that supports and empowers the small and medium scale industrial enterprises. The initiatives initiated by the initiatives to promote the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises have proved their competitiveness by offering new features, the most important of which is to reduce the long-term demand for 30% and the "huge".

Energy efficiency financing and digital transfer funding are the initiatives to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs. Additionally, innovative technologies are a set incentive in the development of labor and productivity.

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