Wednesday , March 22 2023

In the first phase of the IPO, the Pam Hill has been raised by € 1.26 billion


The Palm Hills Development Company has announced that the first phase of shareholders' shares are complete. The impact of the end of November 15 rose by 80.71 per cent. LX climbed to $ 1.24 billion from $ 18.6 million a year ago. The company's total capital was EPN 1.54 billion. The price of Lep 2 and the EGP 0.03 are 769 million shares.

The Unusual General Assembly of Palm Hills Development Company, once approved by the Board Chairman Board Chairman for re-subscription in the first phase, can be charged once, at once, to take necessary action and obtain permission from the relevant authorities. In the first phase, 19.3% others in the unlisted shares.

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