Tuesday , March 28 2023

Asian Championship in Saudi Arabia


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Tuesday, November 6, Tuesday at the Oak's newspaper website

SPA (Jeddah)

Inaugurating the Saudi Youth Football Tournament in Jakarta, Saudi Arabia, will be held on Monday. World Youth 2019 qualifies for the quarterfinals after the third consecutive defeat after South Korea.

Immediately full time to the Jakarta airport, Osama bin Mohammed Al Shuiba from Osama bin Laden and several employees of the Saudai Air Force attended the inauguration ceremony and the World Cup qualifying celebration and congratulated the governing bodies and players. The pilot who landed on the plane welcomed them to admire their achievement.

The Saudi King's vice-president, Sarkar said, "When we arrived at the Riyadh Khaled Khaled International Airport, Fahad al-Jarbou and the president of the Saudi football federation, Qusai al-Faswas, were appointed Vice President of the delegation.

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