Wednesday , October 5 2022

Ukraine has increased the inflow of influenza


Ukraine has increased the inflow of influenza


Influenza and ARV disease is not infectious.

In Ukraine, 152 thousand people were infected with influenza and ARV. 68.4% of them are under 17 years of age.

Last week (5 to 11) in Ukraine, 152,000 people have been infected with the fever, and have been diagnosed with lung infections (ARVI). The report on the media on Ukraine's health ministry in Ukraine said on Wednesday.

In the reported week, 151,852 people have influenza and RRV. Of these 68.4% are children below the age of 17. Compared to the previous week, the number of children and children below the age of 17 increased by 1% and 4%. In addition, about 62,000 people have been vaccinated against influenza since the beginning of inflammatory disease.

The Ministry of Health added that infectious influenza and ARV disease in Ukraine is a disease in the early epidemics. The intensity of the 100,000 population is 359.7. This is 30.7% less than the epidemic in Ukraine.

Thirteen fluus diseases and 22 severely respiratory diseases have been reported once a week. However, there is no laboratory guarantee for the presence of influenza viruses.

Earlier, viral infections reported by influenza and lung infected have been reported to increase Kiev.

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