Wednesday , March 22 2023

The simonan explained why the British media did not cite the cartoon "Masha and the Beer"


The British Times believes that there is a "Kremlin campaign" in the cartoon

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Russia Today Chief Editor Margherita Simonean, the British magazine "Hysteria", commented on a Russian film "Moscow and The Horse", a Russian film, "Moscow Promotion".


The Western media are shocked that Masha is Russian. The bear is very good, and the British can hate Russia. "Masha was a Hollywood or else, appreciated her success," she said.

The Western media would soon say that Russian games and scagers will not be allowed to compete, but not for their stimulus, but their victory is like unauthorized Russians like cartoon "Masha and the Beer". Let's start with the fascism of the Great Orwell. Especially the "Antisemism in Britain" article. Fearing her, "she insisted.

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