Saturday , June 10 2023

Svyaznoy temporarily sells Sony PlayStation 4 for 1,167 rubles


Every year, the current product of game consoles gradually decreases the price and becomes cheaper and cheaper. Thus, by the end of 2016, the Sony slim-version on the PlayStation 4 console, more advanced technology tools, improved cooling system, an updated look and some other features have been made. This prefix is ​​still very popular, but it still costs a lot, so not everyone can buy it.

However, Svyaznoy store offers a way to this difficult situation, and it can now be purchased for the Sony PlayStation 4 game console 1,167 rubles, therefore, at a very low price. We're talking about a new model, the producer's official warranty for 12 months. They offer a purchase of a PS4 slim model that includes the low price, 1 TB hard drive, and the spider-man video game.

This game is a special hit released last year at the console. In addition to the game, Sony PlayStation 4 console has a three-month subscription boon for PS Plus services, you can play multiplayer games, free of charge every month. If a friend or relative wants to play on the same console, you need to purchase a second gamepad specifically because the packages are only black and black.

The special offer of Svyaznoy Store is very simple. He promises to buy Sony PlayStation 4 in those favorable conditions as part of the installation program. In this case, there is no debt in this situation, no first payment is required. To purchase this set up as part of a special promotion, you have to pay a plan plan for 24 months, then pay a monthly fee of 1,167 rubles using the best game console for two years.

The Sony Playstation Cloud has already downgraded – a new game console to open 4K games in 60 frames per second.

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